Naming your jQuery event:

If you're familiar with the jQuery brand and the jQuery community, then you're probably familiar with the fact that there are many different types of meetups and conferences all dedicated to jQuery.

When naming your own jQuery event:

  • Feel free to utilize the name "jQuery" to promote your event.
  • Do not use the word "Conference" in your name.
  • Do not include any sponsor's name in your name.

We've even created a small formula for you to use to properly promote your event:

  • jQuery [Event Title] [Place]
  • Good: jQuery in the Bayou, New Orleans
  • Bad: Mom & Pop's Hardware jQuery Thanksgiving Conference of Awesome

However, please do not use any version of "jQuery Conference," as this is reserved for use by the jQuery Foundation and people who have obtained the proper approval from the jQuery Foundation, which we will explain more about below.

Promoting your jQuery event:

The jQuery suite of logos is available to be used, unaltered, to promote your event. We've outlined the proper uses for each individual logo on the logos page. Below are some things we would like you to avoid:

jQuery Mark – Incorrect Usage

We strongly suggest having an open and public Call For Speakers within your local community for your event. After all, that is what jQuery thrives on: the input of our community. After the event, we encourage you to provide links to the presenter content and make your presentations available online to reach the widest audience possible.

jQuery Developer Summit

Earlier in these brand guidelines, we mentioned the use of "Conference" being strictly reserved for the jQuery Foundation, however we host another event as well: The jQuery Developer Summit.

jQuery Developer Summit Mark

The jQuery Developer Summit is a hands-on contribution-fest meant to foster engagement in the development process by the community, while also pushing our various projects forward. It's designed to help on-board people who have wanted to contribute to jQuery, but haven't had the chance to take the first step and inculcate them into the "open source" workflow - e.g., using Git and GitHub, making pull requests, communicating with a distributed, async team, and have them also make the in-person connections that make online collaboration more fruitful. It's a way for the different teams to make a lot of progress on specific issues, incorporating efforts from old-timers and newcomers alike, and providing organic opportunities to learn and exercise new skills while contributing existing ones.

Spacing Guidelines

jQuery Developer Summit Mark – Spacing

The jQuery Developer Summit brand can be used by the community to promote the event. However, there are some rules to increase the legibility and retain the strength of the brand.

Improper Usage

jQuery Developer Summit Mark – Improper Usage

Please keep the jQuery Developer Summit brand mark always visible within your promotional material.

Download jQuery Developer Summit Logo Suite