Spacing Guidelines

jQuery Mark – Spacing

To ensure the logo isn't cropped or cut off, you'll need to create a minimum amount of "safe space." A proportional measuring system creates a consistent layout for use across all jQuery applications. The system is based on "X", as determined by the space between the top and bottom of the brand mark, tagline and the horizontal bars both above and below it. The minimum safe space should never be less than X.

Incorrect Logo Usage

jQuery Mark – Incorrect Usage

If you're following the guidelines correctly, your logo should never look like any of the above. To be absolutely clear, please do not attempt any of the following, no matter the situation.

Proper Usage

The jQuery logo can be used in a number of ways, both commercially and by the open-source community surrounding the jQuery brand. Please use the jQuery logo (following the proper brand guidelines we just addressed) to promote your own jQuery product on the web and in print, and even self-promoted jQuery meetups. Following these guidelines will ensure your product is representing the jQuery brand to the best of its ability and adding seamless interaction for your audience.

To use the jQuery logo commercially, please contact us with specifics.

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